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Auto Liability & Physical Damage


Automobile liability insurance provides coverage to the University and its authorized drivers for damage to property and bodily injury to others.  Physical damage insurance covers damage to MSU owned vehicles.

Automobile Usage Guidelines

The University policies and procedures are in place to support the safety of faculty, staff, and students driving MSU owned vehicles while on University business.  For detailed information on who is an authorized driver and what their responsibilities are refer to Section 35 of the MSU Manual of Business Procedures.

Accident Reporting

Any accident involving a MSU owned vehicle must be reported to the appropriate police authority.

Each MSU owned vehicle’s glove compartment should contain the following documents:  Automobile Accident Report form, What To Do When an Accident Occurs document, and a current certificate of no-fault insurance.  If involved in an accident, review the What To Do When an Accident Occurs document for direction.  The driver of the University vehicle or an authorized departmental representative must complete the Automobile Accident Report form as soon as possible and forward it to Risk Management & Insurance.

Vehicle Repairs

To arrange for repairs to the vehicle, contact the MSU Service Garage at 517-355-1868.  For additional information, see the following link.

Claim Process

The Risk Management and Insurance Department is responsible for facilitation of all automobile claims.  therefore, it is important to assist with this process by completing the Automobile Accident Report form in a timely manner, always contacting the police, and referring all inquiries or correspondence received from anyone representing the other driver in an accident to Risk Management and Insurance.  This process will ensure compliance and assist with the recovery of funds as per the Michigan No-Fault law.

Accidents involving injuries to employees must be reported to MSU Human Resources Workers Compensation division.