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Covers medical costs arising from accidental injuries to enrolled participants in sports and academic camps at MSU.  For coverage information, please reference the MSU Camp Insurance document. To enroll, provide the following information to Risk Management and Insurance at

  • University Account Number
  • Dates of the Camp
  • Title of the Camp
  • Department Contact Name, Phone & E-mail Address
  • List of the Participants

Once the above information is received, the participants will be enrolled and you will receive an e-mail confirming the enrollment.  The fee for the insurance is $1.40 per participant / per camp.  Once the camp is completed, our office will submit a Distribution of Income and Expense charging the premium to the university account provided.  Please notify our office of any changes you have in enrollment prior to the camp ending.  Once the Distribution of Income and Expense has been prepared, all participant numbers will be considered final.

Claim Process

In order to file a claim for coverage, complete the accident claim form located at: The MSU department that the participant is enrolled through should complete the bottom portion of the form and have the parent or legal guardian of the participant complete the top portion of the claim form. Upon completion of the form, it should be submitted to the First Agency either via US mail at the address indicated on the form,  via fax to 269-381-3055 or by email to: The First Agency will make contact with the parent or legal guardian to facilitate the claim process.  If the department or parent/guardian has any questions regarding the claim process, please contact the First Agency at 269-381-6630.