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Charter Buses Approval


Transportation Services has identified the following local bus providers that are interested in servicing and conducting business with Michigan State University. These companies meet the requirements for use of charter buses by MSU departments.

Dean Trailways of Michigan
 Lansing, Michigan

Indian Trails, Inc.
 Owosso, Michigan

If the University department wishes to obtain the services of a charter bus company not listed above, please visit the Department of Transportation website to ensure the charter bus company has a “satisfactory” rating. The following are instructions to utilize the website:

Click on the search box under the heading “Check Motor Carrier Safety and Performance Data”

• Type in the vendor’s full or partial name
• Once the vendor is located, click on the US DOT#
• The individual carrier detail will appear. In the center section under the heading “Safety Rating & OOS Rates”, look for a “satisfactory” rating.

If a charter bus company does not have a "satisfactory" rating, the department must provide the following information to Risk Management and Insurance at for review before use of the charter bus company:

  • Bus Company Name
  • Address
  • Telephone / Fax
  • Key Contact Person
  • E-mail Address

Provide detailed explanation of the practices of the company in the following areas:

  • Selection criteria for drivers
  • Frequency and types of training for drivers
  • Limits on number of hours and distance before a driver stops
  • Maintenance policy (including pre and post trip inspections)
  • Emergency protocols
  • Position regarding subcontracting for driers/business
  • Safety record

Attach the following:

  1. Certificate of insurance evidencing limits of $5 million per occurrence Business Automobile Liability
  2. Insurance Company, Agent Name, Agent telephone number and address