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Michigan Driver Record Review

LineFaculty/Staff driving a University owned vehicle must have a valid, unrestricted U.S. driver’s license, with proper class and endorsements listed for the vehicle(s) to be operated and must have a satisfactory driving record.  It is recommended that all Faculty/Staff authorized to drive a MSU vehicle have their motor vehicle record reviewed on an annual basis.

It is required that all students have their motor vehicle record reviewed in order to be authorized to drive a University owned vehicle.  Such review must take place prior to driving the vehicle and at least annually thereafter.  Departments are responsible for ensuring this is done. 

Departments can obtain State of Michigan motor vehicle records through the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.  If a driver is licensed in a state other than Michigan, the department may submit a copy of the driver's out of state motor vehicle record to our office for review.

For individual requests, complete the Michigan Driver Record Request Form and for multiple requests, complete an Excel Spreadsheet.  Submit all requests to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance at