Certificate of Insurance Requests

A certificate of insurance is a document provided to an outside organization as evidence of Michigan State University's insurance coverage.  Outside organizations typically request a certificate of insurance for the following reasons:

  • The University is holding an event or activity at an off-campus location
  • The University has a written contract which requires insurance.

A request for a Certificate of Insurance must be submitted by an MSU employee.  Along with the request, a copy of the corresponding contract must be attached so that the specific insurance requirements can be met.  If there is not a corresponding contract, please note the reason for the request as well as any specific insurance requirements in the Comments/Notes section of the request form.

A certificate of insurance request should NOT be submitted to the Office of Risk Management & Insurance (RMI) until the following has occurred:

  1. The corresponding contract has been reviewed to ensure that the language contained in it is agreeable to the University.


  2. The corresponding contract has been signed by an individual that is authorized to do so by the University.  For further reference regarding signature authority, please see section 270.4 of the MSU Manual of Business Procedures.

Note:  The University does not name outside organizations as additional insured on our insurance policies.  If an additional insured requirement does appear in a contract, a request to the third party to remove the requirement needs to be made prior to submitting the Certificate of Insurance Request form.  If you have questions related to the additional insured requirement, contact Bobbi Boland by phone at 517-355-5022 ext 3. or via e-mail at bolandb@msu.edu.

Complete the online Certificate of Insurance Request form by clicking on the type of certificate of insurance listed below.

  • Fine Arts

    Evidence of Fine Arts Insurance is issued to an artist/lender that has loaned artwork to MSU.

  • General Liability

    University staff, students, faculty, and volunteers are covered under the University's general liability policy. In general, this covers bodily injury and property damage that we may cause to others. The general liability insurance certificate also provides evidence of Automobile Liability and Workers Compensation (Michigan).

  • Medical Professional (MSU Physician/Health Care Professional)

    Evidence of Medical Professional Liability coverage is issued to an outside organization for MSU College of Human Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine, or College of Nursing health care professionals.

  • Property

    Evidence of property insurance is issued to an outside organization for the lease/rental of non-MSU owned property.

  • Student Liability (All MSU Student Requests)

    Students are indemnified by MSU and covered by insurance only when performing services in approved academic programs, those for which they are enrolled, are registered and have received College approval. This would include a) activities that are an official component of the curriculum, including required and elective courses, b) approved preceptorships, and c) approved field placements in off-campus locations. This request needs to be approved by an authorized employee from the respective college.

  • Workers' Compensation (States other than Michigan)

    Evidence of Workers' Compensation insurance issued for MSU employees working outside of Michigan.

For questions regarding certificates of insurance or these request forms, please contact Risk Management by phone at 517-355-5022 ext. 0 or by e-mail at  riskmgmt@msu.edu.