Charter Aircraft Approval

All aircraft charter companies that wish to be approved for use by MSU must submit the Aircraft Charter Company Qualification form (PDF). Applicants will also need to include a Certificate of Insurance evidencing liability limits of $3 million per seat or more and naming Michigan State University and its Board of Trustees as additional insured, as well as a FAA Air Carrier Certificate, and have a minimum of an ARG/US Gold rating or be a Wyvern Wingman Operator.  Approved companies will appear on the Approved Charter Aircraft list.

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Charter Bus Approval

If the University department wishes to obtain the services of a charter bus company, MSU Transportation Services has identified the following local bus providers that are interested in servicing and conducting business with Michigan State University. These companies meet the requirements for use of charter buses by MSU departments.

  • Dean Trailways of Michigan
    Lansing, Michigan
  • Golden Limousine, Inc. (Golden Charter, Inc.)
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

If the University department wishes to obtain the services of a charter bus company not listed above, please visit the Department of Transportation website to either Search by Vehicle (by vehicle type, state and/or zip code) OR Search by Company (by specific company name and/or USDOT number). Once the company has been located in the search, click on the Safety Link Information to view the "Safety Rating & OOS Rates" to ensure they have a "Satisfactory" rating.   

If a charter bus company does not have a "Satisfactory" rating, or if the company cannot be located in the search, the University department must provide the following information to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) at for review before use of the charter bus company:

  • Bus Company Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Key Contact Person
  • E-mail Address
  • Provide detailed explanation of the company practices in the following areas:
    • Selection criteria for drivers
    • Frequency and types of training for drivers
    • Limits on number of hours and distance before a driver stops
    • Maintenance policy (including pre and post trip inspections)
    • Emergency protocols
    • Position regarding subcontracting for drivers/business
    • Safety record
  • Attach the following:
    • Certificate of insurance evidencing limits of $5 million per occurrence Business Automobile Liability
    • Insurance Company, Agent Name, Agent telephone number and address
    • Copy of the rental contract

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Contract Review

Many written agreements between the University and outside organizations contain sections which have insurance and indemnification wording. Since these requirements obligate the University to maintain specific types of insurance, they should be reviewed by the RMI before the agreement is signed. Modifications may be necessary to make the agreement acceptable to the University.  For contract review, contact Bobbi Boland by e-mail at bolandb@msu.eduor by phone at 517-355-5022 ext. 3.

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Criminal Background Check

Criminal background verifications are processed through the Human Resources Department.  For information, please see the following:

Criminal Background Check (CBC) Process for Events and Venues

Criminal Background Check (CBC) Process for Youth Program Volunteers or Workers

MSU Contractors:  Criminal Background Check Requirements Policy (PDF)

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Medical Malpractice Verification

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance provides verification of medical professional liability coverage and claims history for all MSU College of Human Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine and College of Nursing health care professionals that are acting within the scope of their MSU employment

To request a certificate of insurance that provides evidence of medical professional liability coverage, complete the Medical Professional Liability Certificate of Insurance Request Form.  If a non-MSU entity is requesting a claims history, forward the request along with a signed consent form to RMI at

Note:  all certificates of insurance or claims histories will be issued directly to the non-MSU entity that is requesting the verification from the healthcare provider.  Requests take 3 - 5 days to process.  Questions regarding this process should be directed to RMI by e-mail at or by phone at 355-5022 ext. 0.

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Motor Vehicle Record Review

This form is for departments to request a State of Michigan motor vehicle record review through RMI. For individual requests, complete the Michigan Driver Record Request Form (PDF) and for multiple requests, complete an Excel Spreadsheet. Submit all requests to RMI at

If a driver is licensed in a state other than Michigan, the department may submit a copy of the driver's out of state motor vehicle record to RMI for review.

Standard response time could take up to 5-7 business days, and may be extended when request volume is high.

Faculty/Staff: Faculty/Staff driving a University owned vehicle must have a valid, unrestricted U.S. driver’s license, with proper class and endorsements listed for the vehicle(s) to be operated and must have a satisfactory driving record.  It is recommended that all Faculty/Staff authorized to drive a MSU vehicle have their motor vehicle record reviewed on an annual basis.

Students: University owned vehicles may not be used by students unless they are approved by a University department. When a department permits to a student to drive a University owned vehicle, that student will be required to do the following:

  • Have their driving record reviewed and approved by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) prior to driving the MSU vehicle. This is required on an annual basis.
  • If the driver is an undergraduate student, they will be required to complete the Driving Safety for University Vehicle Use course in the Ability LMS, effective 10/1/2023 (one-time requirement)For additional information on this training requirement, and tracking progress and completion in Ability, please click here.

It is the responsibility of the department authorizing the use of the vehicle to ensure the above are complete.   

Transportation of Minors: 

  • Employees that transport minors must have been subject to a motor vehicle record review within the last twelve months as required by the Youth Programs Policy.
  • Volunteers are not authorized to drive MSU vehicles. If transporting minors with their personal vehicle, departmental staff must submit a request to RMI to have their motor vehicle record reviewed annually as required by the Youth Programs Policy.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs): RSOs and RSO Volunteers are NOT permitted to drive University-owned vehicles.


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Outdoor Event Approval

All outdoor events held on MSU’s campus must be approved by the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Events Coordinator by completing an online service request.   The role of RMI in this process is to provide a risk assessment of the event to the MSU contact which may include contract and/or waiver review, and verification of liability insurance for outside vendors.

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Risk Assessment and Review

Risk is the chance of something happening as a result of a hazard that has an impact on the operation of an organization.  MSU Office of Risk Management and Insurance attempts to maintain a balance between protection of the University’s assets, the benefits of the activity, and fulfillment of the University’s mission.  Concerns can arise when an activity creates a high degree of risk to individuals or threatens the operation of the University.  Risk assessment and review involves identifying, analyzing, and handling (control, avoid, transfer, or finance) the risk appropriately.  The assessment and review process involves measuring the frequency and severity of potential hazards. Risk analysis can include reviewing contracts, activities, or waivers.  In addition, the risk review can involve consultation with multiple departments across campus.  Examples of different types of review may include evaluating the contract and insurance of an entertainment vendor, reviewing outreach activities of an academic department, or activities of a summer camp.  If your department is hosting an event, has documents to be reviewed, or has a safety concern, contact Bobbi Boland or Jenny Lafferty for assistance at 355-5022.

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